Cultures Of Resistance Travelogues: La Esperanza, Honduras

La Esperanza-Honduras

In October 2008, the CULTURES OF RESISTANCE crew bunked down in Honduras to hear the roaring battle cry for a war against warfare—the 2nd Hemispheric Conference Against Militarization.

The conference was a place for like-minded organizations throughout the Americas to clique up and definitively reject an increased US military presence in the region. The spectacular series of workshops and public actions culminated in Palmerola, where a final declaration was announced at the gates of the US Army Base there. The base was an especially poignant location, as it was once the site from which contra operations against the Nicaraguan government were launched in the early 1980's. The declaration was an uncomplicated litany of neighborly demands which included the closing of all US military bases in the region, a cessation to all empire building measures like the ignominious "Merida Initiative," and a call to stop the exporting of Patriot-Act style legislation in Latin America and the Caribbean, where healthy dissent can be categorized as 'terror.'

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