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The Arms and Security Initiative [New America Foundation]

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"U.S. Weapons at War: Promoting a Ban on Cluster Munitions"

From Lebanon to Iraq to Georgia, cluster munitions are routinely deployed and detonated in war despite an international effort to curb their production and ban their use. And their devastating impact on civilians extends long after ceasefires are announced and treaties are signed.

Educating, informing and motivating citizens is key.

With support from the Caipirinha Foundation, the Arms and Security Initiative has been advocating for the Convention on Cluster Munitions--an international treaty to ban the weapons--since its inception in 2007, and focuses in particular on raising awareness of the issue in the U.S., which has used cluster bombs in Iraq. The Initiative released an influential report, "U.S. Weapons at War: Promoting a Ban on Cluster Munitions," in 2008, and soon after the U.S. Department of Defense sent a representative to attend one of the group's related events. The group has since expanded its research, outreach, and publicity efforts, all of which contributed to an important domestic development: in 2009, President Obama moved to restrict U.S. exports of cluster bombs that scatter 1% or more of their bomblets as duds, a move that the Initiative says "effectively bans export of these weapons."

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