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The Action Mill

The Action Mill develops creative campaigns and materials for groups who want to organize and use direct action more effectively. It helps partner groups create strategies that will move them toward clear, defined goals using actions that further their messages. As part of the Action Mill's practice, the group creates independent actions and campaigns around issues it believes deserve more attention. The Enough Fear campaign, for example, sets up direct phone links between the US and Iran to allow average Americans and Iranians to speak to each other. Volunteers in both countries help set up these phone links, which take place in private homes in Iran and in public spaces in the US. The Action Mill sees these discussions as the first step in establishing a real dialogue between the people in these two countries.

We provided the support for the Action Mill's first large-scale phone link, where four phones were set up in a park in New York, each connected to a phone in Iran. For two hours, volunteers translated discussions between Americans and Iranians. Our funding for this event paid for equipment, cell phones, media support and transportation.


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