Souk El Tayeb

Souk El TayebSouk El Tayeb is the first famer's market in Lebanon. With the country's tradition of Middle Eastern souks broken by the long civil war, the market was created by well known journalist Kamal Mouzawak in 2004. Souk El Tayeb features only fresh, seasonal produce and products from Lebanese farmers, artisans and producers. The market has a special emphasis on organic produce and aims to provide a forum where consumers can interact directly with farmers and producers. Souk El Tayeb also features a school program designed to raise kids' awareness of healthy food and food traditions.

Souk El Tayeb's Seeds for Peace program supports farmers and producers with high quality products and raises awareness of the country's cultural heritage of food. Through its Asdiqaa' El Ardd 'Friends of the Earth Award', small farmers and artisans are recognized for their contributions to agriculture, food production and social affairs.

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