Samir Kassir Foundation (SKF)

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Samir Kassir Foundation (SKF)

Journalist Samir Kassir wrote for several dailies, weeklies, and periodicals including Lebanon's leading Annahar daily, the pan-Arab, London-based Al-Hayat, the French Le Monde Diplomatique, and the Beirut-based L'Orient Le Jour.

Starting in the mid-1990s, Kassir became especially known for his weekly editorial in Annahar, appearing every Friday. He was among the very few who lashed out--through his editorials and public appearances--at the Syrian regime's hegemony in Lebanon. Unlike Lebanese nationalists, Kassir endorsed a broader perspective on democracy and freedom not only in Lebanon, but also in Syria and the rest of the Arab world. His support of Arab democracy did not make him a pan-Arab nationalist per se. Coming from a left-internationalist school of thought, Kassir was as opposed to national chauvinism as he was to dictatorships and oppression.

Samir was the 28th journalist to be killed since the Ottomans hanged several Lebanese and Syrian pro-independence journalists and activists in 1918. His death provoked outrage in Lebanon and around the world. While his friends and supporters in Beirut, Washington, and Paris held candle vigils and demonstrations in tribute to their lost inspiration, the Security Council convened--in a surprising step--to condemn his killing.

His comrades at the Democratic Left Movement, friends, and supporters vowed to keep his memory alive and to follow in his footsteps in his pursuit to achieve democracy, secularism, and social justice in Lebanon and the Arab world.

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