2008: Mutola Foundation "More School for Me" recipients

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Alegria Paula Cossa

Alegria, aged 15, comes to the program from Ungubana, a village 12km outside of Magude. The youngest daughter in a family of four children, Alegria is the first in her family to begin secondary school, with the help of the program. Teachers have described her as an assiduous and punctual worker. She would like to be a professor when she grows up, a goal she can accomplish once she graduates the 10th grade.

Ana Francisco Macuacua

Ana, 16, also hails from Ungubana, where one of her teachers described her as the one of the best students he has known in his time teaching due to her energy, participation, and creativity. Ana loves math and science, and dreams of becoming a doctor. She comes from a big family, with five sisters and three brothers, the majority of whom never had the chance to graduate secondary school.

Artemiza Souza Cossa

Artemiza, 15, has a dream to become a leader in Mozambique and serve as governor. The daughter of a minibus driver and a field worker, she shares her favorite sport, athletics, with Maria Mutola. Artemiza would like to visit England one day, where she would get to practice her favorite subject in school—English. As the oldest child in a family of three daughters settled in Ungubana, her success in high school coupled with her strong ambitions is likely to change perspectives on education in her family and community and encourage her sisters to follow suit. Her favorite color is pink.

Carla Joel Ribisse

Carla, 14, has grown up in Bobe, a village difficult to reach because if its poor roads, and is the youngest of three daughters. Her mother never went to school; Carla will be the first in her family to graduate secondary school. She would like to pursue a career after secondary school as a nurse, though her favorite class in school is physical education. Carla loves to play soccer, is fond of eating oranges, and her favorite color is green.

Carolina Ananias Monjane

Carolina, aged 13, is one of the youngest but most academically talented scholars in the program. A star student from the primary school of Facazissa, she holds particularly high grades in math. About her professional dreams, Carolina said, "I want to be a doctor to help my population cure Mozambique's illnesses, principally those of Magud". The country she most wants to visit is Indonesia, to discover more about the world and other cultures. Her favorite after-school activity is singing, and orange is both her favorite color and her favorite fruit.

Cremilda Milagre Matcheque

Cremilda, 14, comes to the program from Motaze, a village more than 40km away from the town of Magude. She was raised by a single mom in a family of four children, and would like to become a doctor. When asked to reflect on Maria Mutola's importance to Mozambique, she said, "Maria Mutola is important because she helps others realize their dreams. She wants to support those who aim to develop themselves and our country."

Cristeza Armando Telmo

Cristeza, 16, from Bobe, would like to be an accountant after secondary school, though her favorite subject is Portuguese. Her favorite after-school activities include volleyball and soccer; her favorite foods are pineapple and chima, a traditional Mozambican starch dish, along with beans. Cristeza said her motivation to study is to plan and better her future.

Ester Pedro Ubisse

Ester, 14, hails from Ungubana. An energetic and motivated girl, Ester's active participation and in her classes and her ability to rapidly learn has earned the recognition of her teachers. Ester's family hasn't found much opportunity in Mozambique. Like most of More School for Me's scholarship recipients, Ester, along with her parents survive on subsistence agriculture, and has many relatives working in South African mines, including her eldest brother.

Evelina Domingo Timane

Evelina, aged 13, a native of Bobe and the only girl in her family, would like to become a professor. In school, she loves math; after school, she loves soccer. Her favorite foods include rice with beef and oranges. She believes that Maria Mutola is important because of "her desire to see Mozambique develop." Evelina's favorite color is brown.

Ginoca Armando Nguenha

Ginoca, 14, from Motaze, has an older sister who was unable to attend secondary school and a younger one who still has hope. After secondary school, Ginoca plans to pursue becoming a doctor and work in a hospital. She would like to visit Namibia one day, and visit other countries in Africa as well. Like Evelina, Ginoca also has a penchant for math and soccer. Her favorite color is green and her favorite meal is chima with beef curry.

Hortencia Paulo Manjate

Hortencia, aged 16, and a Bobe native, is one of the girls most in need of a scholarship. She lost both her parents at an early age, and now lives with her grandmother. Before becoming a member of the program, Hortencia didn't like to cook, but now has been elected leader of the kitchen by her peers in the house where they all live. Shy but honest, Hortencia would like to become a nurse. Her favorite subject in school is natural science. After school, she enjoys playing soccer. Her favorite fruit is pineapple and her favorite meal is rice with fish.

Lúcia Jorge Macuácua

Lúcia, 13, dreams of working for the Ministry of Education or becoming a school director. Her father is a mine worker in South Africa, while her mother is involved in subsistence agriculture at home in Bobe. None of her three siblings has managed to pass the 5th grade; Lúcia will be the first. She admires Maria Mutola for taking on the responsibility of helping others accomplish their dreams. Lúcia's favorite subject is Portuguese, though she also enjoys playing handball and practicing athletics in Physical Education. Her favorite color is white.

Luisa Carlos Zuana

Luisa, 14, grew up in Motaze and would like to be a minister in the Mozambican government, though she hasn't decided which department yet. She hopes her education will help her to help her family, friends, and community. Luisa enjoys singing as well as studying Portuguese. She has imagined visiting Italy someday and getting to know many Italian people. Custard apples and chima are some of her favorite foods. Luisa's favorite color is green.

Magda Augusto Mbendzene

Magda, 13, plans to study medicine after finishing her secondary school studies. A Motaze resident, she loves vegetables, which are in short supply in the province of Magude. She loves science class in school, which will be a great help in her quest to become a doctor, as well as singing. Magda is the second-to-youngest of six children in her family, and her favorite color is blue.

Marcelia Salomae Chemo

Marcelia, 14, from Facazissa, aims to become a nurse after graduating secondary school. She is the youngest of four children, two of whom have moved to South Africa in search of work, and lost her father at an early age. Marcelia would enjoy visiting Angola, Mozambique's Portuguese-speaking counterpart in Africa, to get to know a new environment outside of Mozambique. She cites Maria Mutola's athletic achievements as a great contribution to Mozambique. Marcelia~Rs favorite fruit are oranges and her favorite color is white.

Márcia Zefanias Mbenzene

Márcia, 13, is a talkative and intrepid girl from Motaze who comes from a family of six children. If she could travel to any country in the world, her choice would be to explore Spain on foot. After secondary school, she plans to become a nurse. Her favorite meal is chima with pumkin leaves, a traditional Mozambican dish. Márcia is fond of Portuguese class, and enjoys playing soccer. Her favorite color is green.

Marquina Tarciso Mbalate

Marquina, 15, a Motaze native, has two younger twin sisters. She would like to visit South Africa in order to learn about the world beyond Mozambique. Marquina's dream after graduating from the More School for Me program is to become a doctor. Her favorite fruit is the tangerine and her favorite color is orange. Of all her classes, Marquina enjoys Portuguese most. Like many of her colleagues, her favorite food is chima, the basis of most Mozambican's diets along with rice.

Milca Alfredo Balane

Milca, aged 12 and a resident of Facazissa, is the youngest of More School for Me's scholarship recipients. She marvels at Maria Mutola's achievement as the first Mozambican woman (or man for that matter) to dominate the 800m event worldwide. She would like to improve her ability to read and write Portuguese in order to become a nurse. Milca loves to play sports, her favorite color is pink, and her favorite fruit is the apple.

Valda Rogue Sambo

Valda, 15, hails from Bobe and comes from a family of five children. Her dream is to become governor of Magude province, and she would like to visit the US someday, especially in that capacity. Valda's favorite food is onion rice with chicken roasted over charcoal. She enjoys a range of sports, from soccer to cheias, a traditional Mozambican game for girls. In school, Valda is partial to Portugue

Zaida Alberto Tembe

Zaida, aged 15, is a good-natured girl from Motaze. The oldest of four, she has never been held back a single grade, though she began school late. Like Valda, she hopes to hold a position of leadership in the Mozambican government after graduating. In school, Zaida's best subject is Portuguese. Her favorite after-school activity is singing. Zaida's favorite fruit is the pineapple and her favorite meal is rice and beans.

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