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Lurdes Mutola Foundation (FLM)
Friends of Lurdes Mutola Foundation (FLMF)-–"More School for Me"

Founded by Olympic gold-medal winning runner Maria Mutola, the Lurdes Mutola Foundation aims to bring more young Mozambicans to sports and to assist in helping them achieve their sporting and educational potential. The Foundation has worked with the national Ministry of Health and UNICEF on a national immunization campaign against measles and polio and on housing development initiatives in Maputo. The Foundation began its activities in 2002 by making small grants to athletes, hosting conferences and workshops, and finding a way to get the busy Maria Mutola to participate in activities, and has since expanded its range of programs and budget. The Foundation maintains a strong emphasis on the empowerment of young women through education and sport.

The Friends of Lurdes Mutola Foundation provides financial support to Mais Escola para Mim ("More School for Me"), one of the projects launched by the Lurdes Mutola Foundation in 2007. This scholarship program hopes to increase the number of girls and young women who graduate from secondary schools, particularly in rural parts of the country. Our support helps this program address the broad gender disparities found in education in Mozambique, and also contributes to foundation research into girls' rural education, to be gathered and developed into recommendations for national policy making. This pilot program has the potential to change the lives of the young women involved, as well as provide a successful model for the educational empowerment of women in African rural communities

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