Iraqi Student Project (ISP)

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The Iraqi Student Project (ISP)

The Iraqi Student Project seeks to make undergraduate education possible for qualified Iraqi students who are unable to continue their education because of violence in Iraq, and who intend to return and contribute to the rebuilding of their country. These students are chosen without regard for gender, religion, or ethnicity. In the United States, ISP seeks the help of American colleges to offer these students that which the United States does very well: excellent undergraduate education. ISP works with colleges and universities to secure tuition waivers or full scholarships, and with local communities to build support groups for each student.

ISP's work arises from a genuine sense that we, as American citizens, share a responsibility for the destruction visited on Iraq. Further, we believe that the Iraqi people are our brothers and sisters and that we are, as individuals and as a nation, called upon to embody compassion and offer restitution. ISP intends to create and support an ever-wider network of educators, students, and local communities so that Iraqis and Americans come to know and value each other. Thanks to a grant from the Caipirinha Foundation, ISP's U.S. Director was able to visit college admissions officers in order to discuss how to help more Iraqi students begin their studies in 2009.

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