Images From the East Film Festival (IMO)

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Images From the East Film Festival (Imagens do Oriente, IMO)--São Paulo, Brazil

Since 2007, Images From the East Film Festival (Imagens do Oriente, IMO), has annually brought to São Paulo, Brazil films from the Middle East and other Muslim countries which are not normally shown in the region. IMO's selection comes, first and foremost, from the filmmakers and activists who have participated and supported IMO since the beginning, and from different partnerships, such as a recent one with the independent Iranian Documentary Filmmaker’s Association (IRDFA). To help spread awareness about the peoples, cultures, and cinematography itself from these countries, IMO has brought at least a couple of filmmakers to the festival every year, and organized debates with the public. IMO 2010 will feature 9 old Egyptian classics: from Anwar Wagdi's Ghazal al Banat (1949), and Henri Barakat's Dow'a al Karawan (1959, The Cry of the Curlew, also translated as The Nightingale's Prayer), to the late 1960s realist tendency such as Youssef Chahine's masterpiece Al Ard (The Land), and Shadi Abdel Salam's unforgettable The Mummy (or The Night of Counting the Years). This year, IMO is scheduled to take place from 24 June to July 1st at three of the best cultural cinemas in São Paulo: CineSESC, Cine Olido, and the Cinemateca Brasileira.

Support from the Caipirinha Foundation allows IMO to translate and subtitle films from Arabic or Farsi into Portuguese, so that they can be shown to a Portuguese-speaking audience.

For a quick view of Images From the East, see the official website: There is also an Al Jazeera report about the festival here, and an interview with the director of Al Nakba here.

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