Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions-USA (ICAHD-USA)

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Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions-USA (ICAHD-USA)

The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions-USA (ICAHD-USA), a non-profit educational organization, is committed to advancing a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians based on coexistence and respect for the human rights of both peoples. We believe that a political solution must respect the human rights of all peoples of the region and provide security, dignity, freedom, and economic opportunity. Drawing from the educational work of ICAHD in Jerusalem, ICAHD-USA uses education and advocacy to provide the U.S. public with current analysis of what is happening “on the ground” in Israel/Palestine. This analysis shows how the Israeli government’s ongoing policies of Palestinian home demolitions, relentless development of large settlements, and building of the “Separation Barrier” deep into the West Bank are persistent obstacles to the just and lasting peace we seek. We disclose how the uncritical political support of the U.S., underwritten and financed with U.S. taxpayer money, sustains the Israeli Occupation’s devastating impact of Palestinians and its violations of basic human rights.

With a grant from Caipirinha Foundation, we plan to create new educational materials highlighting ICAHD’s annual two-week Summer Rebuilding Experience that takes place in Occupied Jerusalem. This brochure will be used to recruit participants and educate the U.S. public about the demolition of Palestinian homes. It will highlight how this program brings together Israelis, Palestinians, and internationals to resist the Occupation and rebuild a demolished Palestinian home. Participants also take field trips to share with activists, artists, intellectuals, and leaders who are engaged in the struggle to resist the Occupation in nonviolent, creative, and constructive ways. We will also produce an advertisement for our “Alternative Tours” that survey the changing infrastructure of Jerusalem by visiting check points, the Apartheid Wall, illegal Israeli settlements, and other relevant locations.


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