Hip Hop as Global Resistance

Cultures of Resistance director Iara Lee published a piece on her Huffington Post blog about rap artists around the world speaking out against war and oppression.

In making my documentary film about electronic music, Modulations (1998), I learned a great deal about rap music. The genius of hip hop emerged first as party sport -- the urban poor salvaging musical parts to create something entirely new -- but soon morphed into an expression of grief and outrage as Ronald Reagan, crack cocaine, and gang violence sewed misery among African American communities, and ghettos from Harlem to Compton sprouted up on the map as MCs defiantly chronicled the uncensored history of Reagan's America.

Click here to read the whole blog post.

Watch the video below of London-based Iraqi rapper Lowkey and Palestinian rapper Shadia Mansour recording in the studio and discussing the convergence of their music and political activism.

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