Environmental Rights Action (ERA)

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Environmental Rights Action (ERA)

When confronted with the issue of fossil fuels, we are inclined to speak about a bleak future of irreversible climate change. In the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, however, the problems of fossil fuels are far more urgent, as oil extraction in the area has caused immediate damage to the local ecosystem--oil spills have contaminated water and destroyed crops, and the wasteful but all too common practice of "gas flaring" is directly responsible for severe bronchial problems, cancers, and other illnesses in local communities. Furthermore, these gas flares often exist only hundreds of feet away from homes with no electricity.

We are proud to support the work of Nnimmo Bassey and the Environmental Rights Action network, who are working to end gas flaring once and for all and to seek redress for Nigerian victims of environmental degradation.

Website: www.eraction.org

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