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BUSTAN--sustainable development for land and people--is an Israeli NGO that works in the Negev with Bedouin and Jewish communities on environmental and social justice issues. BUSTAN strives to present sustainable and replicable models for a healthy paradigm of development that serves both Jewish and Arab populations, and it promotes land stewardship in the face of strident political wars over public resources.

As a Jewish-Arab movement for fair resource allocation, BUSTAN seeks to transform the excess of unsustainable consumption patterns into resource access for marginalized populations. BUSTAN connects citizens with cost-cutting green technologies in order to spark consciousness of the wider benefits of sustainable living.

With support from our foundation, BUSTAN has worked to educate the public about the political, economic, and health issues surrounding the changes in the quality of our food, and the impact such changes have on our diets. BUSTAN also campaigns to enable interested members of the Bedouin community to use traditional farming methods to work collectively to produce organic, fair-trade dairy products.

Website: www.bustan.org
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