Come to Beirut! The 7th Beirut Int'l Film Festival

Find out about Make Films Not War's Tour of Duty in Lebanon.

We are recruiting hearts and minds to join us in Beirut in a show of solidarity for the Beirut International Film Festival and the people of Lebanon October 4-11, 2006.

A delegation of international directors, actors, and producers will attend the festival to support peace, reconciliation, and reconstruction. Make Films Not War urges others to attend to express their solidarity with the victims of the recent conflict. Visitors will provide a vital boost to Lebanon's economy, particularly to its now-bankrupt tourism industry. Prior to the bombings, tourism served as a significant source of employment and income in the country. And last, but not least, there is no better boost to morale, no better medicine for a traumatized population than a return to normalcy, even for the single magical moment the film festival can conjure.

From Beirut, the Make Films Not War campaign will be taken to other cities around the world to encourage dialogue and creative alternatives to war. A film crew will accompany the Make Films Not War campaign to Venice, Beirut, and beyond, to document efforts to mobilize the film community to promote peace.

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