Arab Film Festival (AFF)

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Arab Film Festival (AFF)

Established in 1996, the Arab Film Festival brings Arab culture to American audiences through the medium of film. In doing so, it provides an important bridge between the Arab world, Arab-American communities, and the American public in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Its films and educational programs dispel deeply-held negative stereotypes of Arabs in American popular culture with images that reflect the diversity, talent, and complexities of the Arab world. AFF gives voice to artistic expressions by and about Arabs and Arab-Americans by providing a venue for Arab filmmakers to showcase their work, meet other filmmakers, and make connections for future projects.

AFF is proud to promote filmmakers such as Ibrahim El Batout, Sabine El Gemayel, Magdi Ahmed Ali, Phip Rizk, Muayad Alayan, Kalthoum Bornaz, Yasin Al Salman, Najwa Najjar, Cherin Daibes, and Jean Marie Offenbacher. Support from the Caipirinha Foundation has allowed the Arab Film Festival to offset the costs of bringing such filmmakers to the festival, and to help other Arab filmmakers whose work focuses on socially relevant, antiwar, and peace-oriented films.

The 14th Arab Film Festival San Francisco will be held October 14-24, 2010.

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