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History is more than a mere succession of kings, politicians, and military conquests. It is a collective story made up of the myriad voices and experiences of people, even in remote corners of the world, whose lives are never recorded in the pages of textbooks. Since 2004, Cultures of Resistance has been supporting the National Geographic Society's All Roads Film Project, dedicated to amplifying the voices of indigenous artists and other minority filmmakers throughout the global South. The project aims to foster a global audience for these filmmakers by providing an array of seed grants and by hosting screenings and events. Through its international film festival and its funding, networking, and distribution opportunities, All Roads celebrates the stories that, while often unnoticed, in fact present a rich cultural tapestry.

All Roads aims to inspire underrepresented peoples to tell their own stories in their own voices. As director Yolanda Cruz recalls, “As a native person, I grew up watching films about native people made by others, and it seems like we were always the subjects of these exotic films… I didn’t see my family that way, so I wanted to have a different kind of representation for them.” Cruz’s 2501 Migrants: A Journey, which documents the impact of workers' emigration out of Oaxaca on the work of Mexican artist Alejandro Santiago, is scheduled to premiere in 2010.

Other films currently featured by All Roads include:

Niloofar, a film by Sabine El Gemayel, tells the story of a 12-year old girl who challenges her family and their cultural traditions in order to fulfill her dream of gaining an education.

Shadows, a documentary by Mary Ayubi, explores the complexities of the struggle for women’s liberation in Afghanistan.

Two Horses of Genghis Khan, a film by Byambasuren Davaa, follows the journey of folk singer Urna throughout Mongolia to recover the missing verses of an ancient song.

The All Roads Seed Grant Program provides annual funding to filmmakers toward the development and production of a feature film, documentary, short film, animation, or music video. Prior grant awardees include Melissa A. Henry (U.S.A) for Blue Heeler, A Navajo Sheep Dog, Dondrub Dorje (Tibet) for Stone Scripture, and Daniel Taye Workou (Ethiopia) for Gojam Lottery. All Roads' production arm ensures the continued development of independent films that promote cross-cultural dialogue.

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